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When it comes to fire safety and fire damage, the adage “prevention is better than cure” is especially true. Fire alarms and smoke detectors are essential in the home and office. All local governments recommend them because they save lives. The Australian government has passed legislation requiring the installation of smoke alarms in residential buildings.

Smoke alarms have been shown to be effective in numerous research studies and practical situations. If a fire breaks out while you are sleeping, an alarm will sound, waking up your family and allowing you to escape unharmed. Everyone believes that disasters such as house fires will never happen to them, but over 11,300 house fires occur in Australia each year. Every year, more than 60 people are killed, with the vast majority dying as a result of their injuries. Every year, more than 60 people are killed, with the majority of them occurring between the hours of 9 p.m. and 6 a.m.

What Kind of Smoke Detector Do I Require?

Photoelectric or Ionisation smoke alarms

In most newer houses, either an ionisation or a photoelectric smoke alarm is installed. The ionisation smoke alarm is awesome for sensing flaming fires and works on the principle of using a small dose to ionise the air in a chamber where current flows. When smoke enters the chamber, the air decreases, resulting in a decrease in current flow, which sounds the alarm. Due to their operation of detecting only flaming fires and the length of time it takes for an alarm to sound in the event of a smouldering fire, smoke alarm installers are now moving away from ionisation type alarms.

The photoelectric smoke alarm is by far the most popular type of smoke alarm, and its potency in sensing smouldering fires has propelled it to the top of the selling list. The smoke alarm is designed with a chamber and a light source inside the chamber; when smoke enters the chamber, the light spreads, sounding the alarm. Most homes have furniture made of synthetic materials, and a photoelectric smoke alarm is perfect in a home with this type of furniture because it responds faster to smouldering fires caused by the material on the furniture. Other benefits of this type of alarm:

Smoke Alarm Installation

What exactly is a smoke alarm?

A smoke detector is a device that detects smoke indoors to indicate the presence of a fire and sounds an alarm to alert anyone inside the building to evacuate.

A smoke detector is made up of two parts: a sensor that detects smoke and a horn that warns people about the presence of smoke. The majority of smoke detectors are powered by either a 9-volt battery or a 120-volt electrical house current.

All new buildings in New South Wales were required by law to have smoke alarms installed in 2006, according to the NSW building code regulation. According to the law, smoke alarms must be installed in every storey of a home that contains a bedroom or in a hallway connecting bedrooms. The building code also advises against placing smoke alarms next to or near cooking appliances, but in some cases this is unavoidable; in these cases, a photoelectric smoke alarm would be a viable option.

When Should I Replace My Smoke Detector?

It is common knowledge that smoke alarms do not last forever! The components of a smoke alarm will lose their effectiveness over time due to dust, termites, and electrical corroding. The manufacturer’s date, as well as the expiry date, should be printed on the smoke alarm. We recommend upgrading your smoke alarm to a photoelectric model with a 10-year lithium battery. Every ten years, you should replace your smoke alarm. This should be stated on every smoke alarm manufactured by a reputable company. When installing a hard-wired smoke alarm, always use a licensed electrician.

Where Should Smoke Alarms Not Be Installed?

Installing smoke alarms in the wrong places can cause nuisance alarms and possibly lead to the smoke alarm becoming faulty. Never place a smoke alarm in or near a bathroom or laundry room, as hot steam from a bath or shower can set off the alarm. The moisture from the laundry can also set off the alarm. In the event of a fire, smoke alarms should be installed 3 feet away from ceiling fans, as the fan can blow the smoke away from the alarm.

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