Electric Switchboard Upgrade

Have you recently checked your switchboard?

Your electrical switchboard is at the heart of your home’s operation. You have nothing to worry about when everything is working properly. However, if your switchboard fails, you may find yourself in the dark ages – or worse. The risk isn’t worth it.

Do you have a problem with insufficient power? In today’s modern world, we rely on power to keep our daily lives running. Naturally, we place greater demands on energy supplies so that we can continue to enjoy watching high-definition television, playing with the latest video game console, or cooking with food processing equipment. A Switchboard Upgrades Installation is a system that powers your everyday appliances, lighting, cooktop, heavy machinery, motors, hot water systems, and more. Without a safe system, you risk being involved in an accident at any time.

At Easy Choice Electrician, we have assisted hundreds of customers throughout Sydney in meeting their power requirements so that they can enjoy their favorite activities at the same time! One of our experienced and highly qualified emergency electricians will be at your door in no time, bringing your switchboard upgrades and installation, or even repairing your existing one.

Switchboard / Fusebox Repair & Installation

Looking forward to repair the faulty Switchboard?

Faulty switchboards not only bring your home to a halt but also pose a safety risk. As a result, knowing when to repair, replace, or upgrade your switchboards is critical. Here are a few examples:

Light Flicker: It can be extremely inconvenient if the lights in your home frequently flicker. This is a sign that your switchboard needs to be repaired or upgraded right away.

Repeated Power Outage: If your power goes out or trips every time you plug in a new device or appliance, it is a clear indication that your current switchboard cannot handle the load. It is past time to replace your switchboard.

Residential Upgrade – If you have renovated your home or a portion of your home, such as the kitchen, it is critical that you upgrade your switchboards as well so that they can handle the increased power load caused by these extensions or renovations.

Energy savings – The most recent, cutting-edge switchboards are designed to safely carry the load while also assisting in energy conservation by reducing the amount of power consumed.

Safety – Your current switchboard does not have a circuit breaker or safety switches to protect against electrocution or fire hazards.

All electrical installations in your home must be performed by trained and qualified electricians only. This ensures that not only do you receive the best solutions for your needs but that all safety protocols and standards are followed. Easy Choice Electrician is a leading electrical company that provides hassle-free, all-inclusive solutions for all of your switchboard repair and installation requirements. Our services include:

Current switchboard testing.

All types of switchboards can be repaired.

Changing out old switchboards for new ones.

Completely new switchboards are being installed.

Looking for switchboard repair or installation in your home? Look no further, Easy Choice Electrician is the solution to all of your problems. Our skilled, local electricians are qualified to repair and install all types of switchboards in your home as soon as possible.

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Pina Gagliano
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Vincent Albanese (Pixeltoy)
Easy to book. Came on time. Easily accommodated to my needs and had parts on hand. Quite a few fiddle jobs that were easily completed quickly. Will use again.
Installed a security system in my home and did a few repairs around my house perfectly. would highly recommend.
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Denise Small
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Joseph Habib
Absolutely amazing service such a kind gentlemen and such a great professional my lights turned out amazing and lit up and the room perfectly
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John Semaan
My experience with Easychoice electrical was outstanding. Daniel was very helpful and explained in detail how the job will be done and what is involved. I needed my light repaired urgently and Daniel organised it immediately. His customer service was also outstanding. But far one of the friendliest electricians I have met. His work ethic and dedication was second to none. Daniel thank you so much, I will definitely be referring you to all my friends and family. 🙏🙏🙏

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